Why Align?

Tech that works how you work.

Legal technology solutions always seem to want you to change. They ask you to abandon your tried and true methods for preparing cases in favor of a new platform that promises supposed future efficiencies. But why would you change what works?

Align was designed from the ground up by a partner at a major national law firm with two decades of experience litigating complex cases. As a result, Align is designed to allow you to work digitally the same way you work in paper: with binders, notes, agendas, and calendars.

Are you really using technology?

Digital tools for lawyers abound. But are you actually using them? If you're like the litigators we know, the answer is “no.” Your most important work still happens on paper. You prepare for trial by reading and highlighting binders full of documents. You track the developments in your case and your evolving strategic decisions with a set of notes taken on a legal pad. You run your team with an evolving (and often weekly-printed) agenda.

binders stack

Why aren't digital tools helping you with your work?

Most technology solutions don't appreciate how critical it is for lawyers to maintain their existing ways of working. If you are juggling a dozen cases for Fortune 100 companies, you don't have the time or the motivation to learn a new system. Why would you spend hours and hours learning a new technology if what you have already works? The short answer is that you wouldn't, and you don't.

Align takes a different approach.

Align is meant to do one thing well. Convert your litigation workflow from paper to digital.

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Top litigators are already using Align.

Don't get left behind. Schedule a demo now, and find out how Align can work at your firm.