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Stop lugging a lit bag full of binders. Stop hunting for the legal pad with your call notes. Stop using your inbox as a to-do list.

Open Align instead.


Align's digital binders work just like physical binders. You can flip between tabs, highlight key text, take notes in the margins, and flag important pages. Plus you get the added benefits of being digital. Add documents and reorganize tabs with the click of a mouse. Instantly share your markups with teammates for close collaboration. Align's digital binders let you spend your time litigating, not chasing paper.

align tablet


Lawyers take a lot of notes. Align makes that easy to do. Type or write your notes the way you always do, but now they are organized by matter, categorized by note type (call, meeting, interview, etc.), and instantly searchable. You also have the option to see other teammates' notes, giving you a birdseye view of what's happening in your case.

align tablet

Top litigators are already using Align.

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